International Commercial Law

We work beyond borders and commerce-oriented


Drafting contracts on the basis of companies' intentions is our art

Legal Tech

Email us for an introduction on the CLM/ELM platform we have developed

E-commerce Law

Many Iranian Start-ups have STARTed with us and are going UP

Corporate Law

We provide legal services mainly to companies & Holdings

Mergers and Acquisitions

We help you build new companies personalized and tailor-made
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Our Pathway


Formed to make peace…

ZAKvocates is not formed to be a law “Firm”. It is formed to produce creativity, ability to make change and to act flexibly.

We try not only to be in suits but also to be suitable to our clients’ needs and necessities.

We believe in justice not in the hands of a blind angle but under the generous shines of the sun;

whoever shows up more, receives more,

whoever tries more, makes more, and

whoever does better, goes farther.

This is how ZAKvocates is formed to Step Laward.

Educational Programs